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MetaGP (MetaGeneProfiler) is a web-based application for detecting differentially-expressed gene sets (meta genes), rather than individual genes, from the gene set libraries that are registered in our database. As an input, user can submit either
  1. Gene expression data which are categorized into subtypes of conditioned experiments (e.g. case-control experiments),
  2. A list of genes (probe identifiers) with the valid p-values which are computed outside of MetaGP.
After submission of input data, MetaGP assigns the integrated p-value to each gene set. Currently, the gene set libraries support Gene Ontology (GO) terms. We are further planning to yield a more comprehensive gene sets, e.g. transcription modules, set of genes involved in the same pathway. We will also include gene sets in response to feedback by users. For comments, bug reports, suggestion for improvement, please contact yoshidar&

Step 1: Submit gene expression data or list of probes with p-values
Step 2: Select gene set library
Gene Ontology
Step 3: Select parameters that specify testing procedures